Saturday, 30 March 2013

San Ta(lo)n-Tonio

Morning! I hope you're having a good weekend/Easter :) I'm spending mine working but I'm hoping to sneak in a few mini eggs in-between ;)

Today I've got a lovely OPI polish to show you called 'San Tan-Tonio'. I got this polish as a free gift when I subscribed to Glamour magazine and I was really happy when it arrived because I knew the free gift was OPI polish but I didn't know which shades and I love this one! 

I think this is a beautiful colour worn as it is, it's also quite neutral so if you wanted to make it a bit fancier, a nice design or some gold glitter could be added to make it stand out more. 

This is the polish after two coats and before topcoat. I really like the formula, it's easy to apply and dries quickly and with a great shine! 

Get Nailed for free ;)

Tara x


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