Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shirt up!

Morning! I'm having loads of fun with my little sisters, I'm watching 'Shark Tale' while I write this :D

Today I have a design to show you that I did while coming up with some ideas for Father's Day. This isn't an original idea, it's been kicking about Pinterest and places like that for ages but I have no idea who came up with  the design originally and I didn't follow a tutorial to do this so I have no idea who should get the credit for coming up with this idea!

To this shirt design, I painted the nails with two coats of white polish (I used 'enduring' by Barielle) and when the polish had completely dried, I used a black nail art pen for the details.

First I drew a line down the middle of the nail, then I drew triangles from the top of the line to the edge of the nail. I then dotted on about eight dots down one side of the line for buttons. I also used the nail art pen to draw on little pockets. I drew a straight horizontal line near  about a third of the way between the collar and the bottom of the nail and then a curved line to join it to the edge of the nail.

When the design was completely dry, I used a models own clear polish to topcoat and seal the design.

Put on a shirt and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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