Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sparkle in Westminster

Hi! I had such a lazy day yesterday! I did NO new designs and didn't work on my launch at all! I just did housework and my own nails, I better get on with some stuff today :)

Today I have some super sparkly nails to show you! I did these using nails inc Westminster and Barry M rose quartz. The nails inc polish is a gorgeous bright, highly pigmented purple, very glam and luxurious. The Barry M polish is so beautiful, it's a gorgeous colour and it's full of all different sized glitter.

I painted the nails with two coats of the nails inc polish and two coats of the Barry M polish. I think this Barry M looks great over so many colours but it's extra sparkly over this purple, I just wish I could show you it in real life because it's MUCH more glitzy than in the photos!

Sparkle and Get Nailed :)

Tara x

P.S Nin from prettypug has nominated me for The Liebster Award! (thank you Nin!).

This is my NINTH Liebster award! So I'm not going to play by all of the rules but I think The Liebster Award is great so I will follow some of them.

The Liebster Award is to help bloggers with less than 200 followers to get recognised and the rules are:

Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
Tell your readers 11 facts about yourself
Answer your nominators 11 questions
Ask you nominees 11 questions
Link to the blogs of your 11 nominees

However as I said I have done this a few times now so I haven't got many facts left and I have nominated lots of blogs for this award. So what I'm going to do, is answer Nin's questions and then give you some links to my favourite blogs that you can check out (and hopefully follow) along with Nin's blog and the blogs of her nominees :)

Nin's questions

If you could go on holiday right now, where would you go and why?
I'd go somewhere in America - probably New York or Chicago because I've always wanted to go to America

What three songs are you loving right now?
Emeli Sande - I'll be your clown
Sugarland - Stay
Sugarland - Stuck like glue

Summer 2012… what are your plans?
Working on my next two nail polish collections!

Dream job?
What I'm doing is actually my dream job! Creating nail art and nail polish is amazing!

If you were a Harry Potter character, who would you be and why?
I'd say Dumbledore because I'm wise and understanding but I'm thinking other people would say Moaning Myrtle ;)

Will you be donating to Comic Relief/What are your views on such things?
I won't be donating to comic relief - I prefer to donate to charities that have a place in my heart but I think that anything that raises money for any charity is a good thing

Highlight of 2013 so far?
Creating my own range of polish and getting preorders!

Which items of your wardrobe could you not live without?
All my bags and shoes! Along with my nails they can make even the plainest dress look special

You're getting married; you have complete creative control - what is your colour scheme, theme, etc, - what would you do?
I'd love to have a 'Greatest love stories' theme (so no colour scheme). Where everyone came dressed as their favourite couple such as Romeo and Juliet, Daisy and Donald Duck etc and I would be dressed as Minnie Mouse and my groom would be dressed as Mickey Mouse :D

What is outside of your window?
I'm upstairs so I can see my garden, conservatory, trees blowing madly, my greenhouse and my next door neighbours garden. I can also see the garden next to theirs with a swing blowing even more than my trees!

Name something non-academic you would like to learn to do?
Make my own dresses!

And here are a few blogs I read that I'd love you to checkout……

Hello Miss Niki
Polished Art
Claws Up
Just Tis Ems

Thanks again to Nin and I hope you like the blogs I've recommended!


  1. I love the colour of the Nails Inc, very bold xx

    1. It's beautiful isnt it :) I love nails inc polishes!

  2. Where do you get those nails from? I find it so hard to find long rounded nails to paint, all I can find are the short square ones :)

    1. I found these on eBay :) I so wear the short square ones too but these are nice for a change!


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