Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Teal-ly nice Talons

Morning :) Well, I'm back home today from looking after my little sisters all weekend and my nail polish launches on Monday, so I have lots of work to do! 

Tod,,y I've got a gorgeous Sally Hansen polish to show you (another great Poundshop find!). This one is called 'fairy teal' and it's (unsurprisingly) a lovely teal colour! I love these polishes and when I see them so cheap I stock up on loads of shades! The bottles are really nice, the caps are easy to work with and the polish is really good too. It dries quickly, it's streak free after two coats and it's hard wearing as well. The only possible down side of this polish is, if you're painting  natural nails and they aren't very wide, it could be harder to apply without getting it on your cuticles/fingers because this Sally Hansen range has quite wide brushes.

This is the polish after two coats and before topcoat. It's lovely isn't it! It'll look great with nail art/stamping/tips done in gold, browns or gold glitter!

Make your talons teal-ly nice and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. I got this from the poundshop. I haven't found anymore recently :(

    I love this colour loads I actually wore it on my nails for more than 4 days lol. I have to sell my nail polishes soon as I cant take them to aussie with me :(

    1. It's always good finding a bargain like SH in the poundshop! Haha I never wear a shade or design for long either! It is beautiful though!

      Ooooh! Sounds like a fab adventure! If you need a buyer for your collection you know where I am ;)


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