Wednesday, 13 March 2013

There IS such as thing as too much texture!

Morning :) I spent a lot of yesterday in my FREEZING cold conservatory which has NO heating! taking photographs of my polish! Brrrrr! I hope your day was warmer :D

Today I have some nails half by me to show you! I love the nails inc feather effect polish so I have been looking for more ways to wear it and while I was in the Poundshop, trying to snag all the Sally Hansen bargains before everyone else ;), I saw some cute French manicure false nails with a twist - they were grey and white rather than pink and white! I thought they'd be perfect for me to put the feather effect over, as the one I have is 'Henley' which is black and silver! (I am waiting for more colours to be delivered though!).

I used one coat of Henley over the French manicured nails and then FOUR coats of Rimmel's 60 second topcoat. Yep, FOUR! That's because the feathers effect dries SO rough I was scared of putting my hands anywhere near my face before I'd managed to smooth it over a bit! Even with the four coats of topcoat I could still feel rough parts but I wasn't in danger of grating skin off myself! This polish is very pretty but very rough, I know I've said I like texture but this is a bit too textured!

Get Nailed smoothly ;)

Tara x


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