Friday, 8 March 2013

These talons are out of this world!

Happy Friday! Have you got exciting plans for the weekend? I haven't really, just going to read my new copy of Scratch magazine and eat mini eggs ;) actually that is quite eggciting exciting!

Today I've got some space/starry nails to show you. I did t his using an unnamed polish by W7 and silver multi glitter by Barry M. The W7 polish is black with lots of silver glitter and the Barry M is mainly silver glitter but with other colours running through it too (you can see it more clearly here).

I used two coats of the W7 polish and then one thin coat of the Barry M polish all over the nail. When the third coat of polish had dried I used the Barry M polish again to blob some in the middle of the nail, I then moved it about a bit with the brush, spreading it out over the nail but not right up to the edges. I thought it looked pretty and a bit like space or a starry sky so I didn't use topcoat because the sky isn't shiny!

Find a night sky and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. wow i love the colour! i love combining polishes xx

    1. Thank you! Layering is great isn't it! It gives you a whole new polish! Xx


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