Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Trial talons

Good morning :D My week got off to a great start, I got new/faster internet installed (eventually!) and lots of exciting things happening! How was your Monday?

Today, I'm going to show you one of my 'trial run' polishes. I have quite a few of these polishes because when I first decided I wanted to launch my own collection, I had to do lots of experimenting and trying out of things to make sure I could make polish and that I was happy with the results before I could even think about selling it!

This polish is dark pink with different sizes of silver glitter in different shapes (round/normal, hexagons and squares). I loved this polish so I made some improvements and the new version will be in my collection (there are sneak peaks on my Facebook page, which you can see here).

This is the polish after two coats (no topcoat so you can see how the polish looks 'naturally'). There is lots of glitter in the polish because I hate it when a glittery polish looks fab in the bottle but you have to spend ages poking and dabbing about to get an even coverage! I hope you like it :)

Try it out and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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