Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A sprinkle of glitter

Hi :) Today I'm going to be photographing some wizard themed nails, watching Will & Grace and eating sweets :D I hope you've got more exciting plans than me ;)

Today I've got a glitter topcoat mani to show you. I did this colour combo because I like wearing dark colours even in Spring and Summer but I wanted to brighten the mani slightly because it was quite sunny outside. To do this I used thinking of blue by Sally Hansen and L.A. Colors in jewel tone. 

I love this Sally Hansen polish, it applies easily, dries quickly and the colour is fab. I have used this collection on my blog before but incase you've missed those posts I will say again that the only flaw with this polish is that the brush is VERY wide! That's not really a problem for me as I usually paint onto false nails anyway but it could be a problem if you're painting natural nails and they're not very wide. The L.A. Colors polish I used is blue, purple, pink and turquoise glitter in a clear base so it goes perfectly with the Sally polish. This is a fab glitter, it applies really well with no having to dab and dot the polish on to get the glitter even. I used two coats of the Sally Hansen polish, only ONE coat of the glitter and then one coat of Sally Hansen topcoat to protect the glitter and give it extra shine.

Brighten up your day and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Wow that glitter looks stunning over the blue!

    I have quite wide nails, so the Sally Hansen brush is great for me lol

  2. Thanks Cazzy!

    Haha a few people have said that they love the brush because their nails are wide, I really like it too because I mostly paint false nails so it makes it quicker :)

  3. I can't think of many things I'd like more than Wizard nails and sweets! ;-) Love that glitter. I actually love the Sally Hansen brushes, they get my nails in one go. Have you seen the Wet n Wild Megalast brushes? They're insanely huge, even bigger than the Sally ones!

    1. Haha you'd love it at my house then! My whole days was full of wizards and sweets!

      The Sally Hansen brushes are fab for me too because I usually paint false nails. I haven't seen them but I'll keep my eyes out for them!


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