Thursday, 25 April 2013

Making Spring fancy and exciting news!

Morning! I'm back home today and I have LOTS of supplies on order to start working on my new nail polish collections, so I'm going to have a relaxing day today :D I hope you have a good day too! 

I also have some really exciting news. TheNailCanvas is producing a book which will debut at The Nails Show 2013 and she has chosen my design to be included! It is also currently one of nine nails currently on display at the Southampton Solent University Concourse Gallery until August! The brief that I received from Amy is that the design had to be based on my concept of fashion and my concept of fashion is nails and shoes! So I designed a nail based on some shoes by one of my favourite designers. I then hand decorated lots of 3D shoes and applied them to the nail, so they looked like they were walking down the runway! I will tell you more about this and show you more pictures soon! I was sent some pictures of the display yesterday and the picture which will be in the book so here they are! 

This is the photo of my nail on display! Mine is the last one in the second display case.

This is the display case my design is in!

This is the photograph of my design which will be in the book!

So that I could show you some closeups of the design, I zoomed in on my iPhone and took some screenshots! Here you can see a pink glittery shoe, a purple shoe with purple diamantes, a gold shoe, a pink shoe with a big pink glittery bow and part of a lighter pink shoe with pink diamante bows. You can also see the front of a shoe I decorated with leather effect polish!

Here you can see the backs and sides of the two pink shoes and the purple shoe. You can also see the shoe with the red leather effect polish and a silver shoe with a red diamante heart on the front.

This picture shoes a red shoe with a red and white polka dot bow, a green shoe with a red rose and a blue shoe with blue diamantes. You can also see the front of a red glittery shoe.

This close up shows the backs of the red gittery shoes and the green shoe. You can also see a purple shoe with a big black diamante, a red shoe with gold studs and the front of a silver shoe with a blue and black feather.

This picture shows the feathery shoe close up.

Here is a close up of the full design.

This is a photograph I took of the design before I sent it to Amy!

And here is a picture of all the shoes I designed before I edited it down to the ones on the nail.

Anyway, onto a Spring design! Today, I have some cute Spring nails to show you. To do this design I used; silver glitter polish by gallery, topcoat by Rimmel, white striping tape, white 3D roses and white 3D bows. I also used pointy tweezers and nail glue.

On the top set of nails I first painted the ring finger and the tip of the index finger with the silver glitter. While they dried I moved to the bottom nails and painted the thumb, the bottom of the middle finger and the tip of the pinkie finger with silver glitter. 

Once the glitter polish had dried I applied the white striping tape 1/3 of the way down the thumb, middle and pinkie nails on the top set and on the index and ring finger nails of the bottom set. I topcoated the nails with the tape on straight away, so it didn't get get pulled up at the edges while I was working on the nails next to them. 

While I waited for the topcoat to dry I used nail glue and the pointy tweezers to apply the 3D white roses to the nails with the silver glitter on. Where the glitter was just along the tip or the bottom of the nail, I applied the rose to the area where the glitter ended. On the nails with glitter all over I applied the rose to the top corner or the nail. 

I then used the pointy tweezers and nail glue to apply 3D white bows to the nails with the striping tape on them. I applied them halfway along the striping the tape on all of the nails. When the glue had completely dried, I topcoated all of the nails again to make them extra glossy and secure all of the decorations.

Be fancy this Spring and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Oh wow, well done you, that is fantastic xx

  2. wow that is soo cool! congrats!

    that spring mani is beautiful too!


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