Friday, 19 April 2013

One off talons

Morning! Are you glad it's Friday? I haven't got any exciting plans this weekend but I'm sure I'll find something to keep me out of mischief!

On Wednesday night/Thursday morning I couldn't sleep, so I started making nail polishes and I came up with a 16 polish collection which launched at 12 Noon (UK time) on my Etsy shop and website on Thursday! All of these polishes are even more unique than my original collection because there is only ONE of each polish! 

So today I'm going to show you my new indie polishes! I hope you like them :)

This first polish is called 'Gossamer wings'. It's a very pale, shimmery gold, like I'd imagine fairy wings to be!

This is the polish after two coats.

This polish is called 'Pixie blusher'. It's a peachy pink and really shimmers and changes colour as you move your hand.

I was really happy with the effect after two coats, it's very pretty and neutral.

This light brown is called 'Fairy dust bag' after the little sacks that fairies carry their magic dust in.

This is two coats of colour. I think this would be a good polish for stamping autumn nail art.

This shade is called 'Pixie tan'. It's a gorgeous orange colour with LOADS of gold glitter running through it.

This colour is really bright after two coats, perfect for Summer pedis!

This deep red with tons of red glitter is called 'Sparkly shoes'.

It's VERY sparkly after two coats. Perfect for Christmas party glam manis!

This bright pink is called 'Elf kisses', it's VERY shimmery and pink!

This is how it looks with two coats of colour. The perfect background for some bows and diamantes!

'Fairy lipstick' is a glittery berry pink, I think fairies would love a lipstick (or a nail polish) in this colour!

This picture is of two coats of colour.

This glittery pink is called 'Princess dress'. It's got pink, purple and silver glitters threaded through it.

This is the polish after two coats of colour, it's very glittery but another coat would make it SUPER glittery!

'Unicorn hair' is a shimmery lilac colour. Perfect for Spring!

This is how it looks after two coats. I think it's really pretty and perfect as a background for some glitter tips!

'Genie' is a very bright purple with pink, purple and silver glitters.

It's hard to show on the picture but this is SO glittery! I've used two coats of the polish for this picture.

This rich purple is FULL of different shades of pink glitter!

Again it's hard to show in the picture but as the light hits this polish and as you move your hand you can see so much sparkle! I used two coats to get this result.

This polish 'Dragon breath' is a deep purple with gold shimmer running through it.

 I really like the effect of this polish because you can get this result after two coats or you could layer one coat over another colour to completely change it!

'Imp' is a VERY bright blue with as much gold glitter as I could get in it! It has micro glitter and larger glitter.

This shows two coats of colour and it's covered in glitter so you can see how much is in the bottle!

This light blue polish with blue and silver glitter is called 'Prince's eyes' because it's very blue and sparkly just like prince charming's eyes!

 This colour is after two coats and it's so sparkly! I wish I could show you the glitter while the nails are moving, it's fab!

'Leprechaun' is a lovely green with lots of different shades of green and some silver glitter.

There's so much glitter in this polish it only took me two coats to get this effect.

And lastly is 'Fairyland grass' a turquoise with silver glitter running through it. I think this is a very 'Spring-y' colour!

This is the polish after two coats of colour.

Be a one off and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. sadface!

    I went through to try to get Imp, but it must have been sold already :(


    1. Aw sorry Natalie! They have been selling quite quickly, some of the original collection is on low stock or sold out as well


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