Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pink pinkies

Morning :) I spent yesterday doing some new designs and packing orders of my polish. I also opened a prize draw on my Facebook page to win one of the polishes from my handmade collection!

Today I have a really gorgeous pink polish to show you. This one is called Hyde Park Square and it's a beautiful bubblegum pink.

I think nails inc polishes are great, the bottles are nice, the formula of the polish is really good and as well as drying quickly, you get a great coverage with just one coat so the second coat gives a perfect, high shine result.

This polish would look so pretty as a background to some Barbie decals/transfers, bows or glitter! It's also a perfect Spring/Summer pedicure colour.

This is how the polish looks after two coats and before any topcoat.

Be perfectly pink and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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    1. Lovely isn't it! I got it in a box I ordered from QVC and I had no idea what the colours would be so this was a lovely surprise!


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