Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Puppy claws

Good morning! My week got off to a fantastic start yesterday! My polishes was featured on a second amazing blog and I finally went through my nail magazines and did my inspiratioNAIL wall (HAHA :D) in my nail room which I'll post some pictures of soon!

Today I have some cute puppy talons to show you! To do this design I used pink nails, a white polish called enduring by Barielle, black leather effect polish called Noho by nails inc, a black nail art pen, an unbranded black polish and a Sally Hansen topcoat. I will be doing this design again though and rather than polish I will be using velvet/flock to make it fluffy!

First I painted the thumb, index and middle nails white, I used two coats to cover over the bright pink nails! While those nails dried I used my nail art pen to draw little paw prints on the ring and pinkie nails. Once the second coat of white polish dried, I used the unbranded black polish to paint from the top of the nail to the outside edge of the nail about 3/4 of the way down. I left a gap so the white polish showed through and did the same on the other side of the nail. The polish I used was quite thick so I only needed one coat. While the black polish was drying I used the nail art pen to draw on a rough circle/oval in the gap where the black polish ended to be the puppy's nose. I then drew a line from his nose to the bottom edge of the nail and dotted on some whiskers. While that was drying I used the white Barielle polish to dab on two circles over the black polish for eyes and once they were completely dry, I used the black nail art pen to dot in pupils.

Once all the polish had dried I used a coat of Sally Hansen topcoat to protect the design. When the topcoat was dry, I used the nails inc leather effect polish to go over the nose to give it the same texture as a puppy nose :D I did that after the topcoat because topcoat smooths out the leather effect and gives a shiny finish. I think when I redo this with the furry effect, I'll do the paws with leather effect too so that the whole mani is textured rather than just a hint of texture.

Get Nailed puppy style ;)

Tara x


  1. this is so cute! such a great idea using liquid leather as the nose!!


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