Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sabrina the Teenage Witch talons

Morning! I spent yesterday trying out some new paints, brushes and techniques and I think I'll probably be doing that today as well! I hope you have a good day too :)

Today's design is 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' themed! I absolutely LOVE Sabrina the Teenage Witch and spent a fortune to buy all the DVD's! I'm rewatching them all and I'm up to season five already! I heard they were making a new movie but there's not much info about it so fingers crossed it happens, it's amazing and I can get hold of it in the UK! 

To do this design I used mousseline by Sally Hansen, Lowndes Court by nails inc, dragon fruit by Barry M, acrylic paint and Rimmel 60 second topcoat. I also used some 3D star diamantes, nail glue and a wax pencil.

First I painted the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers with the Sally Hansen polish, which is a gorgeous neutral and perfect for using as a background. I then painted the pinkies with the nails inc colour,which is a rich purple and seemed perfect for this design because in the earlier seasons, a rich purple was used in the titles. When both colours were dry, I gave them all a second coat and waited for it to dry completely before I started doing my design in paint.

On the thumb nails I used silver acrylic paint to draw on the big 'S' that is at the start of 'Sabrina' in the titles. It's not perfect but I did my best so I'm very happy with it!

On the index fingers I painted the top of Salem's head and his ears using black paint. 

On the middle nails I painted the top of Sabrina's head with her blonde hair. I know in later seasons she dyed it darker but she mostly had blonde hair so I chose to paint it blonde. To make her skin tone I used brown, cream and light pink paints and for her hair I used dark yellow, mid yellow and gold paints.

On the ring fingers I painted Sabrina's finger pointing to do her magic. I used the skin tone paint I had already mixed for her head and when it was dry I used the Barry M polish to give her pink talons! That's right, I nailed Sabrina! ;)

On the pinkies I used 3D star shaped diamantes. I used these because in a lot of the pictures of Sabrina used in articles and on the internet etc, she is pointing as if doing magic and there are twinkly stars swirling about to illustrate that she is doing magic. I used nail glue and a wax pencil to glue them on randomly, filling the entire nail. When they were all glued on I used the Rimmel topcoat and painted all the nails with two coats, to make sure the design wouldn't chip or scratch off. I can't wait to do more Sabrina nail art and include some of the other characters!

Don't be a witch, Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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