Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Springy talons

Good morning! I've got a really bad cold at the moment so I'm going to spend most of the day doing nails to see if the nail polish fumes will help ;) I'm also going to read my new issue of Scratch magazine which I got yesterday and I'm in it! Well, my photo is! It's 'photo of the month'!

Today's design is 'Spring day'. I've did this design because the sun started shining….but then it snowed!  To do this design I used; Barry M Gelly polish in blueberry, Sally Hansen hearts and flowers, NYC pink pomegranate and a technic polish in Ayia Napa.

First I painted all the nails with two coats of the Barry M polish, which is a nice bright blue, perfect for Spring sky! When that was completely dry I used the technic polish to paint along the bottom of the nails to create grass. I only needed to do one coat for this but depending on the brand and shade of polish, you might need two. When the grass had dried I used the NYC polish pink pomegranate to dot  little pink flowers on the grass. I used this polish because it has a narrow brush making it easy to dot on smaller flowers. Once the flowers were dry, I used the white Sally Hansen polish to draw on the clouds. As I pulled the brush out of the bottle I wiped off as much polish as I could, then swiped it quickly over small parts of the nail so it was streaky and the blue polish still showed through. When the streaky clouds were dry, I used more white polish to make some parts of the clouds whiter/not streaky.

This is the finished design! I can't wait to do a Summer version!

Get Nailed on a Spring day ;)

Tara x


  1. that so cool about your photo! really pretty nails :)

    1. I was so excited when I saw it! :D Thank you :)


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