Friday, 5 April 2013

Talons fit for a princess

Hi :) Friday already! I hope you have a great weekend :)

Today I have some pinky princess nails to show you. To do this design I used black nails, 3D pink bows and 3D, diamante pink crowns. I used glue, a wax pencil and tweezers to apply the decorations. 

First I dotted on nail glue at the base of one of the ring fingers and using a wax pencil I applied the bow, holding in place for about a minute until the glue dried. I then did the same on the other ring finger. When the bows were on securely, I applied nail glue to on of the index finger nails and using tweezers applied a 3D crown. I then did the same on the other index finger nail. When I wear the design, I will apply topcoat to make the design glossy and mask the excess glue around the decorations. I haven't top coated yet purely because I find it easier to topcoat 3D designs when I'm wearing the nails!

Get Nailed like a princess ;)

Tara x


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