Sunday, 28 April 2013

Talons fit for a princess

Morning :) I spent most of yesterday coming up with new ideas for my next collections of nail polish! I think I get more productive the more sunshine there is ;) 

Today I have a cute design to show you that really make me think of Cinderella! I think it's because the blue is similar to her dress and all the sparkle! To do this design I used 'Pensive' by MeMeMe, a silver glitter polish by W7 and a Sally Hansen topcoat.

I used two coats of Pensive which is a gorgeous light blue (I'm actually wearing it at the moment as part of a different design). I love MeMeMe products, they're all so beautifully packaged and they work really well. They do loads of competitions on their Facebook page as well where you can win free makeup and nail polish.

When the MeMeMe polish was dry I used one coat of silver glitter over the top of all the nails and one coat of Sally Hansen topcoat to give it extra gloss and protection.

Get Nailed princess ;)

Tara x


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