Sunday, 14 April 2013

What a cow!

Hi! I spent most of yesterday trying to find some new nail bloggers/artists to follow on Twitter and Instagram and I fear today will be much of the same! :D

Today I have some cow nail art to show you. Needless to say this isn't an original idea, there's hundred of different versions of this on Instagram and Pinterest etc so I take no credit for the concept! To do this design I use 'enduring' by Barielle, 'Bridle Lane' by nails inc and an unbranded black polish. I used a black nail art pen for the detail.

First I painted the nails with two coats of Barielle's enduring. Then I used nails inc's Bridle Lane to make a rough oval shape at the base of each nail as a snout (do cows have snouts?). I only needed one coat of Bridle Lane as I kind of dabbed it on so it was reasonably thick anyway. If you're doing it on natural nails you might want to do it in two coats though so they dry quicker! When the snout was dry I used a black nail art pen to dot in eyes about a third of the way down the nail and to draw on the cows nostrils over Bridle Lane. Once that was dry I used the unbranded black polish to just 'blob' on random black shapes as the cow's spots (not sure that's the correct term either! maybe I should check out the Wiki page for 'cows'!). This picture is prior to any topcoat but I will be applying one prior to wearing the design to protect it and make sure it doesn't chip/scratch.

Get Nailed on a farm ;)

Tara x


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