Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Coffee with cream and a no water marble

Hi! I can't believe that it's June next week! May has gone so fast, I hope June brings some lovely weather! Yesterday I did some more designs and also painted some sets of nails in preparation for designs so I'm hoping to have some time later this week to catch up on my blog reading so if you have a blog please send your link to me at tara@tarastalons.co.uk :)

Today I've got a 'coffee and cream' marble design to show you. I did this using Mulberry Street by NYC, and an unnamed polish by Maybelline and beige blast by Sally Hansen. I also used a dotting tool and a Rimmel 60 second topcoat.

I used two coats of the NYC polish as a base and when it was dry I started the marbling. I worked one nail at a time to make sure that the polish was still runny. I also used different amounts of each polish on each different nail so that each one was a different shade. I just dripped the Maybelline and Sally Hansen polishes over the nail and using the dotting tool I swirled the polishes together and across the nail in different directions.

I topcoated the design to finished it off. This design was always meant to be 'coffee and cream' but while I was doing it it reminded me of trying to spread marmite onto hot buttered toast! I can't wait to do it in different colours and maybe add in some sparkle!

Get Nailed on marble ;)

Tara x


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