Friday, 24 May 2013

Dark, spiky and sparkly

Hi! Yesterday I was really busy with order packing and doing some designs so today I'm going to visit my mum, dad and little sisters! I hope you have a fab day and start to the weekend!!

Today I'm going to show you a design I did which is on sale in my Etsy shop! I did this using one of my favourite polishes purple blue beetle juice by models own. I love models own polishes so much, I wish I could own them ALL! The colours are amazing, the price is fantastic and I love the bottles!

To do this design I used two coats of the models own polish as the base. I then used extra strong nail glue and a wax pencil (stab the unsharpened end of the pencil into the top of the spike) to apply three silver spikes to one nail on each hand.

I love these spikes, I got them on eBay and they were quite expensive but the tip of the spikes has been de-sharpened (if that's a word!) and they still look spiky whereas a lot of the cheaper ones I've seen ether look very flat or round at the tip or are too sharp! 

Here you can see the spikes and the sparkle of the polish better!

I topcoated using a models own topcoat.

Spike up your sparkle and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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    1. :D I love them! I got them in gold too! And they're reusable because the glue dissolves with the nail polish remover but doesn't damage the spikes so I'm really glad I got them!


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