Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dolly talons

Hi! I went on my nail polish shopping trip yesterday and got my white polish and topcoat. I also found the perfect glitter for a custom order of polish, so my day was fab! I hope yours was too!

Today I'm going to show you some Polly Pocket inspired nails I created. Polly Pocket was one of my favourite toys when I was little so I had to put her on my nails! To do this design I used; a Sally Hansen polish called pink blink, Sally Hansen topcoat, a silver glitter polish by W7, a pink nail art pen and acrylic paints in; dark pink, light pink, white, cream, yellow, gold, brown, blue, black and white. I also used some thin brushes and a dotting tool.

I started off with two coats of the pink polish on all of the nails. While they dried I started mixing up acrylic paint to do Polly's face. I used light pink, cream and white to make the shade I used. I then painted Polly faces on the thumb and index finger nails. While I waited for the paint to dry, I painted the pinkie nails with silver glitter polish. I also used bright green and white paint to dot a big flower onto the ring finger nails. 

I quickly went over the Polly faces to make sure that no pink polish was showing through and while I waited for that to dry, I used white paint to draw two 'P's onto the middle finger nails. 

Once the Polly faces were dry I used yellow and gold paint to do Polly's hair. Each of the four Pollys had different hair; one had long hair left down, one had a bun, one had shorter hair left down and the last one also had long hair left dow, but I brought the front of the hair down slightly so I could paint in an Alice band later.

While the hair dried I used blue paint to dot eyes onto all of the Pollys. I also used brown paint and a thin brush to paint on the Pollys eyebrows. While I waited for the eyes and brows to dry I used light pink paint mixed with a tiny bit of white to make a lighter pink for the Polly mouths/lipgloss. 

By then the hair was dry so I went back to it and using dark pink paint and a thin brush I painted a pink band around the hair of the Polly who has a bun. I then used a thicker brush and half painted, half dotted an Alice band onto the Polly who's hair I created for that style. I didn't just paint a line across her hair because I wanted it to look like it was IN her hair with her hair covering parts of it. While the hair band/Alice band dried I used black paint to dot in the pupils of all of the Pollys eyes.

While the Polly eyes were drying I used the pink nail art pen to outline the 'P's on the middle fingers. I then went back to the Pollys eyes and dotted on a tiny white dot as a highlight. When all of the paint was completely dry I used the Sally Hansen topcoat to seal the design!

Hey doll! Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Love! I had so many Polly Pockets when I was little, loved them so much until they made her bigger!! Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you!

      They were amazing weren't they! I don't like them as much now, my little sisters have got Polly toys and the dolls are about the size of Barbie's little sisters/kids! The playlets are massive as well! I used to have a little pink heart and when you opened it up it was Polly's house and now her house is HUGE!


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