Friday, 17 May 2013

My talons are feeling blue

Hi! I had so much fun yesterday making custom polishes and launching TWO new collections! I hope you're having a fun weekend too!

Before I show you my nail design, I just want to quickly show you the two new collections I launched in my Etsy shop yesterday! Both collections consist of ten one off polishes!

This collection is called 'Things I love'.

And this one is 'Have a drink'.

There are close up pictures and pictures of the polishes on nails on my Etsy shop! I hope you like them :) and if you want to try my polishes there is a valid coupon code on my Etsy shop to celebrate my Facebook page reaching 400 'likes'! There's no minimum spend, so if you enter FACEBOOK25 at the checkout you'll get 25% off your order!

Today's design is really bright and cute for Spring. I used a Barry M polish called blueberry, which is one from the Gelly range. I also used two yellow 3D bows, pointy tweezers, nail glue and a Barry M topcoat. 

I used two coats of the Barry M polish which is a gorgeous blue, it applies really well and dries with a really glossy finish. But! It STINKS! Blue polishes and also some purples have a really weird smell but this one is SO strong! It's worth it for the colour but make sure you open a window before you polish! When the blue polish was dry, I used nail glue and pointy tweezers to apply the yellow bows to the ring finger of one hand and the middle finger of the other. I used Barry M topcoat to secure the bows and add extra shine!

Don't be blue, Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. those bows are adorable! i saw your mickey mouse polish on instagram. BEST POLISH EVER!!!!

    1. I love them! Bows are my favourite at the moment! Aw thank you!!


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