Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nail art never gets old

Morning! Yesterday I started work on a new collection and finished some designs, including the one I'm going to show you today! Have a fab Friday!

Today I'm going to show you my Peter Pan design! To do this I used; white polish by Gallery, unbranded gold glitter polish, skin tight denim by NYC, Sassy Sparkle by L.A.Colors, an unnamed glitter polish with stars by Claire's Accessories, a black polish with gold glitter which I made myself, a Rimmel topcoat and acrylic paints. I also used a small brush, a very thin brush that I cut down myself to be as tiny as possible and a dotting tool.

First I'll show you the pinkie, ring finger and middle finger nails. I painted a coat of gold glitter onto the pinkie and middle nails to look like fairy dust. While I waited for it to dry I painted the NYC polish onto the ring finger nails. I then gave them all a second coat. Once that was dry I used the unnamed Claire's polish over the dark blue polish to look like the sky when Peter Pan is flying.

I then used the black polish with gold glitter that I made myself and the tiny brush I cut down to write 'Peter' on one of the index finger nails and 'Pan' on the other. 

Once that was dry I used two coats of the L.A.Colors glitter over the top for extra sparkle!

Next I started painting Peter Pan's face onto the thumb nails! To do this I used acrylic paint in; flesh tone, cream, light pink, white, black, dark brown, mid brown, dark green and red. I used the thin brush, the tiny cut down brush and the dotting tool to do this.

First I painted his face and put in the shadows and highlights. I then did his eyebrows, his nose and his mouth. I used the dotting tool to do his eyes and the tiny brush to paint in his teeth. I then used the dark green paint to do his hat. When that had dried I painted in his hair and his feather. Lastly I painted in his pointy ears! Once all the paint was dry I used the L.A.Colors glitter polish to add some sparkle to the rest of the nail.

This is one of the Peter Pan faces close up.

I went over the whole design again with an extra coat of the gold glitter and Claire's accessories star polish and added some more of the glitter polish around the Peter Pans.

To finish the design I top coated using a Rimmel topcoat.

 And here it is finished! I hope you like it :)

Get Nailed and never age ;)

Tara x


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