Saturday, 4 May 2013

Nailing daisy

Morning :) Have you got exciting plans today? I'm working! I have about 15 designs to do for my Etsy shop, I need to finalise some stuff for my next collection of polish and I have a custom polish to work on but hopefully it'll be sunny and I can have the door in my nail room open and watch all the neighbours cats playing in my garden!

Today I've got a very simple mani to show you, it's perfect for Spring/Summer! I did this using 'Misschevious' by Missguided which I got free with a magazine ages ago. It's a gorgeous colour and I didn't want to cover it up too much so I did a simple dot design of a daisy over it using yellow and white acrylic paint.

I used two coats of the polish as the background and while that was drying I mixed up a paint into a good consistency for dotting. I used a dotting tool to make a yellow circle in the middle of each nail and the dotted on white petals just slightly away from the yellow. It's really simple but I love it!

Daisy, Daisy, tell me you Get Nailed do ;)

Tara x


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