Thursday, 9 May 2013

Neon leopard nails

Morning! Yesterday I finished a custom polish and went out for a drive with my OH and then I stayed up late working on my new collection of polishes! Today I'll be mainly laying on the sofa ;) I hope you have a relaxing day too!

Today I have a neon leopard print design to show you that I did using two unnamed Cynthia Rowley polishes in neon pink and bright blue. I also used acrylic paint and a colour club topcoat. These CR polishes are so pretty! I love the colours and the polishes are fab, they apply well and dry quickly. They do dry with a matte finish so you need to use a good topcoat if you want a glossier finish.

I used two coats of the pink polish and when it was dry I used the blue and made VERY round circles over the pink. When that was dry I used black acrylic paint and a thin brush to outline most of each blue circle, leaving some of it with no outline. When the acrylic paint had completely dried I finished it off with topcoat.

Be bright and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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    1. Me too! Especially for Spring/Summer! They brighten up any outfit too!


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