Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scented talons

Morning! Yesterday was a very long and tiring day BUT I got to meet one of my customers who is lovely AND she showed me her polish stash which is very pretty and sparkly! So that made my whole day fab! I hope you had a good day too!

Today I have a very pretty and pretty smelling mani to show you! I did this using a polish called strawberry fizz by Rimmel which smells of strawberries when it's dry! I love it! It's a gorgeous bright pink so perfect for Spring mani's! It applies really well and dries quickly as well. It does say that it's chip resistant but I can't really comment on that because while I have used it lots I haven't used it on natural nails and polish doesn't chip on false nails!

I used two coats of the Rimmel polish and once it had dried I used nail glue to apply a black and while polka dot 3D bow to each of the middle nails. Obviously I did that in between smelling the nail polish on the nails ;) 

I finished the design with a Rimmel topcoat to give extra shine and make sure the bow was completely secure.

Get Nailed with a fruity smelling mani ;)

Tara x


  1. WOW this is so adorable! that pink is gorgeous (i really want to smell it haha) and i love that bow!

    1. Thank you! This polish is so amazing! I love the smell of it! Haha we need a way to put scents on our blogs!


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