Thursday, 30 May 2013

Starlight, starbright

Hi! Yesterday I reorganised my nail room and got started on some more designs and today I'm going to catch up on blog reading and work on my new collection some more. I hope you have a great day! and if you want to make it even better by buying some indie polish, my code FACEBOOK25 is still valid for a couple of days on my Etsy shop! You can also use it on my 'polish of the week' which is on special offer! I'll have a polish of the week on special offer every week but don't forget, all my polishes are one off or limited edition so I have no idea how long it will stay in stock for!

Today I've got a cute star design to show you! I did this using 'blueberry', a gorgeous Barry M Gelly polish (which I may or may not be obsessed with!). I also used 3D diamante stars in different colours, nail glue and a wax pencil.

I used two coats of the Barry M polish (which absolutely stinks! Lucky it's pretty or I'd never use it!). When it was completely dry I applied nail glue to one of the middle nails on each hand and then used the wax pencil to put on the stars.

This shows the design without any topcoat so you can see how shiny this polish is!

Get Nailed and be my star ;)

Tara x


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