Monday, 13 May 2013

Talons fit for a reunion

Morning! I released my new range of polishes yesterday and a few other products which you can see here I also revamped my website! I hope you had a fab weekend and your Monday isn't manic ;)

Today I'm going to show you my new collection, I really hope you like it! It's a collection based on one of my favourite films and it's called 'High school reunion'. It consists of ten colours and only one of each colour made! 

This black polish is PACKED with gold holo glitter and it's called Blonde hair & black roots.

This light grey is full of silver and white glitters and it's called Business woman special.

Special kind of glue is an off white/light grey full of different coloured glitters.

This blue is called Some kind of rubber and it's got purple and silver glitter sprinkled through it.

This green is packed with lots of different types of green glitter as well as silver and silver holo glitters!

This shimmery orange has as much light and dark blue holo glitter as I could fit into it! It's called 'Tucson'.

Discover me Ramon is a light peach shade full of turquoise glitter.

This shade is called OK cowboy and it's a bronzey brown with gold glitter.

This light pink is called The A-group and has so many shades/types of pink glitter in, I can't even remember them all! It also has some silver ands silver holo glitter running through it! 

Lastly (but not leastly!) is I've got a phone which is a dark red with lots of black holo glitter!

Get Nailed at a reunion ;)

Tara x

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