Saturday, 8 June 2013

Confetti talons

Hi! Are you having a good weekend? It's been really sunny so I'm going to open the windows, drink diet coke and catch up on some TV! 

Today I'm going to show you a new Barry M effects polish that I love! This is one of their confetti polishes called dolly mixture! 

This polish has been called a dupe of nails inc feathers but, as much as I love, love, love nails inc and their feather effect polishes I have to say that the Barry M confetti polish are much nicer purely because the glitter is MUCH finer and the nails inc version is quite coarse/thick and you need at least two topcoats to cover it (you can see my blog about the nails inc feathers here).

Dolly mixture is fab, it's a mixture of light colours and I love it over light and dark colours! This picture shows it over green berry which is a Barry M Gelly polish. It's also been top coated with a Barry M topcoat! The only thing I would recommend with this polish is making sure you have a good conditioning nail polish remover because this type of polish is always hard to get off natural nails and lots of people have said it takes a while!

Get Nailed and grab your confetti to celebrate ;)

Tara x


  1. Hope you're having a nice weekend. This would be lovely for a festival. Oh if the green was glow in the dark, that would be so cool too..I agree when it comes to taking this kind of polish off, you almost have to soak the nail in nail varnish remover :)

    1. I am! Hope you are too :)
      That'd look amazing! I'll have to try it!
      Definitely! I use wraps when I take effects or glitter polishes off of natural nails but only if its a good polish remover! :)

  2. You're converting me to Barry M! I tried my first crackle polish yesterday by them and quite liked it...however i found it also 'split' the polish underneath slightly. If i buy more crackle polishes they will probably be OPI or China Glaze but i am interested in trying the confetti ones...and i really like the textured ones as the 'grit' isnt too thick but still looks really textured.

    1. Hahaha I love Barry M and I'm always trying to get people to try them! If the crackle 'splits' your base colour try top coating the base colour the using the crackle then top coating again, it worked on one I had that did this (not Barry M but I forget the brand). The confetti ones are fab, really small, fine glitters so no bumpiness or sharpness which I have had with some other types of polish like this!

  3. this looks like a party on your nails!


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