Saturday, 1 June 2013

Electric talons

Morning! Happy June! I hope you have a fab weekend to get this month off to a good start! Yesterday I finished the 'admin' part of two new collections so I'm going to be releasing them on my Etsy shop today! I also got some new nails inc polishes which are gorgeous!

Today I'm going to show you two of my new nails inc polishes Baker Street and Diamond Arcade!

These polishes were released in a collection of ten polishes to celebrate nails inc being 10 years old! I got them off of the QVC website because they had a fantastic deal and I love nails inc so I couldn't resist!

Baker Street is the most gorgeous electric blue polish! It's so beautiful I wore it immediately and it's distracting me while I type! I used two coats as a base for this mani. Over the top I used one coat of Diamond Arcade which is one of their effects polishes. It's so pretty, it's glitter but there's fine glitter, small glitter, medium glitter, large glitter and HUGE glitter! It is AMAZING!

This is how I'm wearing these polishes! All nails have Baker Street on them and alternate nails have a Diamond Arcade topcoat!

This is my mani before topcoat so you can see how shiny the nails inc polishes dry. So beautiful! I can't wait to add more and more polishes to my nails inc collection, I've never had one I didn't like!

Get Nailed and be electric ;)

Tara x


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