Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fake it 'til you make it

Hi! Yesterday I spent a lot of time chatting to my sisters and planning visits! I also enrolled on some nail courses! I'm so excited! I'll be sharing some of the nails I do on my course here! I hope you had a great day too!

Recently I was asked on my Facebook page if my nails were real, the answer to that was 'no!' I have worn false nails or nail tips since I was about 12! My natural nails are quite nice, I have even put photographs of them up on here before! However they don't grow very long and they don't grow to the same length! Also if I break one I have to file them all to the same length and the amount of typing and stuff I do means I do break nails quite regularly! After I said they were false I got a message asking me where I bought them and asking if I had reviewed them on my blog, so I've decided to review the nails I put on my Facebook page! I will also review other brands of false nails now and then!

These are the nails I wore! They are so pretty! They are medium length, nude nails with white butterflies stamped on them! The brand is 'nail nation' and you can buy these nails and their other designs on eBay and Amazon but I was lucky enough to find these in a PoundShop!

There were 24 nails in the pack and some nail glue. I don't actually use the nail glue that comes with nails to apply them, not because there's anything wrong with it but because it comes in tubes and you squeeze the glue out and I prefer to use glue that you brush on. I save all the tubes out of my pre-designed false nails for applying embellishments etc!

The way I apply my false nails is to remove the previous set, manicure my nails and then get started on applying the false nails! The first thing I do is to line up the false nails that fit my natural nails, So I have two rows of five nails. I then work one nail at a time and brush the glue onto my natural nail, I then put the false nail on and hold it on for about 30 seconds to make sure it's secure. Once all the nails are applied I tap the nails against a table or something to make sure they are secure. I then file the nails and apply topcoat over the nail and cap the ends so there's no wear. 

These nails last really well and you can usually get anywhere from 5-14 days wear from false nails but I get bored of designs/colours really quickly and I remove them after 2 days. They're really easy to remove by soaking in acetone or nail polish remover with acetone or using the wrap method. 

These are the nails applied, filed and topcoated!

Get Nailed and fake it ;)

Tara x


  1. Love the design on these!!
    I've never actually worn false nails, I've never had a need to as my natural nails are long and pretty strong, and they grow really fast when they do break haha :)

    Jess xo

    1. It's really pretty isn't it!
      Ah you're so lucky! :D I use nail envy and stuff but one ALWAYS breaks and I have to file them all down! After years wearing false ones I feel weird when I don't wear them! Xo

  2. They look really good Tara, not like false nails at all. Best of luck on your nail course, I'm finishing one up at the moment and I loved it, it's so nice to spend time on something you're really interested in! x

    1. Thank you!
      I can't wait to get started! I've only ever done my own nails and friends and family so I'm really excited to learn more and get more practise! x

  3. this is a great post! i have always wanted to learn how you wear your nails!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be reviewing other brands as and when I can :)


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