Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flower power talons

Morning! Yesterday I took photographs for my next two collections (which will be released next Friday and the following Friday) because next week my sister is visiting! and then I'm going to stay with her for a few days after so I had to get a head start on stuff! I hope you have a fab Saturday and if you want to make it even better you can enter my giveaway here ;)

Today I'm going to show you the nails I'm wearing at the moment! I did these using an unnamed bright pink polish by Cynthia Rowley and black and white acrylic paints!

I love Cynthia Rowley polishes and I'm really lucky because they always seem to be in the TK MAXX stores near me! This is two coats of the polish as a base. It dries matte which is good because you get the best of both worlds then, you can leave it matte or use topcoat to make it glossy. I've made it glossy here because I did the flowers with acrylic paints and it'll chip/scratch off with no topcoat!

The flowers are just very basic and done with a small brush and a dotting tool. This is the finished design!

And this is how I wore the design! I like having unusual talons so two nails on each hand are just matte black.

The black polish is by Avon, it's fab and only £4!

Be different and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. this is so pretty, i love all the different flowers!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving floral patterns right now!


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