Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Neon nails!

Morning! I hope your week got off to a good start! Yesterday I finished a collection I had been working on! I wasn't going to release any more yet because I've released ELEVEN collections in TWO months :-O but I can't keep anything secret so I'm going to release it today ;)

It's a very small collection so I'm going to show it to you! I won't include all my pictures or it will be VERY long! There's more pictures on my Facebook page though!

It will be released on my Etsy shop later today! and don't forget all prices have been adjusted for my Summer sale so all non custom polishes and nail art is 20% off! Click here to visit my shop and check it out!

This collection is called 'Brights' for obvious reasons! :D

This polish is called 'Lightning round'. It's a light grey/sheer grey with a sprinkle of darker grey and neon pink matte glitters!

This polish is 'Leg warmers & glo sticks'. It's a sheer neon pink polish with neon blue and pink matte glitters!

This one is 'Polish speaks louder than words'. It's a bright orange with colourful glitter!

I've included the picture of two coats painted onto a nail because you can't see the glitters too clearly in the bottle.

This bright yellow is called 'Polish out loud'.

Again I've included the picture of it on the nail so you can see the glitters clearly.

This last polish is called 'All night rave' and it's a very bright blue with matte neon glitters!

I hope you like them!

Get Nailed in neon ;)

Tara x


  1. Oh wow, I love the pink and the blue! Gorgeous collection Tara x

  2. i LOOVEEE leg warmers & glo sticks!

    1. Thank you! That's my favourite one! I'm sad to sell it haha


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