Sunday, 2 June 2013

Retro talons

Morning! I hope you're having a fab weekend! I'm really enjoying the warmer weather and being able to have my windows open! To celebrate June, the warm weather and my Etsy shop being 2 months old I've added two new collections to my shop and put some indie polishes and sets of nails on sale! Check them out here

Today I'm going to show you some Super Mario/Gameboy nails I did! I did these nails because I used to love my Gameboy so much! and Super Mario was my favourite game! To do this I used a sheer green polish (unbranded) and acrylic paints. I also used a nails inc topcoat.

I used two coats of the green polish on all of the nails to make it look like the screen of an original Gameboy. I then painted the ring finger of one hand light grey and the thumb of the other set a slightly darker grey.

To do the 'screen' nails I used black acrylic paint and a small brush. I did this by working on small areas at a time so rather than striping in lines I painted them in a little at a time as the Gameboy screen didn't really allow smooth graphics! 

On the top set I painted; a small box with a question mark that Mario used to break open to get prizes, a pyramid with a tree and Mario in front of it, the top of the screen where it showed how many lives and coins Mario had collected and two pyramids with a secret brick pipe and another prize box. 

On the bottom set I painted; Mario jumping across a gap with the boxes that Mario could walk on or break and some coins, part of the start screen, Mario jumping between the platforms that had grass or vines on them, a tortoise and some coins and Mario jumping up onto a brick wall/secret pipe with bricks for him to walk on and some trees below.

On the thumb nail I used black paint to paint in the details of a Mario game cartridge. I then highlighted the sides with silver and painted the middle by blending blue paints and then blotting on colours. I finished the cartridge by making little squiggles down over the silver paint to represent the writing.

On the ring finger I used dark grey paint to outline the screen and used the green polish to paint in the screen. I then used black, dark grey and bright pink paint to put on the Gameboy controls.

I finished the design with a topcoat.

Be retro and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Cute xx

  2. ah blast from the past, brings me back to my child hood :) the gameboy on the ring finger is so so good, love that x

    1. Since I did them I've been searching my mind to think where my Gameboy is! :D thank you! x


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