Saturday, 24 August 2013

Goth talons

Good morning! I hope you're enjoying the start of your weekend!

Today I have a goth girl mani to show you. I did this when I was practising a few different things so it's a random mix of stuff and not perfect! 

To do this mani I used a gold polish by outdoor girl, a gold glitter polish by elf, a Barry M topcoat and acrylic paint!

I used two coats of the  gold outdoor girl polish as a base.

When that was dry I used acrylic paint to paint crosses on the thumbs, girls on the index fingers, red roses on the middle fingers, lace on the ring fingers and a random swirly pattern on the pinkie fingers.

When the paint had dried I used gold glitter over the roses, lace and pattern.

I also used glitter over the crosses!

I topcoated the faces but I didn't use any glitter on those nails!

This is the finished design including topcoat on all nails!

Get Nailed in lace ;)

Tara x


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