Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Magic mani

Morning! Yesterday I was so busy! I got half my photographing done but then on Twitter someone contacted me with a picture of a nail polish advent calendar asking if I can do them, I said yes and then put messages on my Facebook page etc asking peoples thoughts and they said they would buy them! I then got messages asking for pre orders so I put a listing up for pre orders and 50% sold straight away and I was getting loads of messages about them! So today I'm finishing my photography ;) If you would love an indie nail polish calendar check out my listing here which has more details! Also keep an eye out for my nail art version coming soon! Have a fab day! :)

Today I have another sparkly mani for you! This one is more Autmny though! To do this I used midtown magic by china glaze and amethyst glitter by Barry M!

I used two coats of midtown magic on all the nails and one coat of the glitter polish as an accent on two nails! I love this china glaze polish it applies really well and it's a beautiful sparkly polish that my terrible photography could never fully capture! As a Barry M fan I loved this polish! It's beautiful, very sparkly and colourful! You can use it on it's own in two coats or use one coat as a topper!

This is the finished mani with topcoat!

Get Nailed, it's magic ;)

Tara x


  1. I LOVE that Barry m glitter, I used it in one of my nail sets, it's so sparkly and gorgeous!

    1. It's one of my favourites! I need more! :)


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