Sunday, 4 August 2013

My magnetic polishality

Hi! So excited it's Sunday and I can relax this afternoon! I've got some work to do this morning because I've decided to release my new collections on a Sunday rather than a Friday from now on because Fridays are already sparkly enough! I've also got orders to pack but then this afternoon I'm going to relax with my new Scratch magazine and catch up on Hollyoaks! I hope you have a relaxing Sunday too! 

I found these magnetic polishes by W7 and decided to give them a go so I thought I'd show you the results! The colours are really nice and the magnetic patterns are good (you get a little magnet separate in the polish box), however while at first the patterns looked amazing, as they dried they kind of faded and looked a bit rubbish!

This is the grey colour, with a wave pattern. as you can see the two bottom nails on the left have a much stronger pattern as they were still wet when I took the picture, the others started off like that but faded.

With the green, I got so disheartened seeing the pattern disappearing as they dried, I only did the magnet effect on one side and left the other side as just the colour to wear on alternate fingers. The colours are good but the formula just didn't cut it so I think I'll just wear these as normal polishes.

Use your magnetism to Get Nailed :)

Tara x


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