Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nailed in a big city!

Morning! Yesterday I didn't have time to finish photographing my collection so I will be doing that today! I did add something to my Etsy shop though! As well as being able to pre order my nail polish advent calendars, you can now also pre order my nail art advent calendars which ship worldwide! I also started something new called Polish club which you can find out more about here! I hope you're having a great week! If you've blogged please feel free to leave your link! I've been so busy I need to catch up on some blog reading!

Today I'm going to show you a sparkly topcoat by NYC! This is called big city dazzle and it's a clear polish with different glitters! It's super sparkly, applies well and dries quickly! I used two coats over some silver false nails to give them extra spangle!

I also used some nail glue to apply some glittery dark blue bows to the middle nails because I felt it was too plain with just the glitter! and the bows match really well with the dark blue glitter in the polish!

Get Nailed in a big city ;)

Tara x


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