Sunday, 11 August 2013

Refreshed talons

Morning! I was up late last night because I released FOUR new collections in my Etsy shop! and I was working on a custom polish for someone to wear to their wedding which is very exciting! I'm going to do more work on that today and then start testing some new glitters I have! I hope you're having a great weekend!

Today I'm going to show you some false nails I recently bought in Poundland! These are fab pastel coloured nails (they look like Refresher sweets! I had to stop my OH eating them!) and I love them so much! I do have another set with different colours that I'll show you another day!

So this is the box, there's 36 nails included as well as a tube of glue. The nails come in three different colours (12 of each) green, yellow and pink! 

First I checked the sizes and found the ones that fit my nails and laid them out in two lines (one for each hand).

Then I used nail glue (I used one with a brush not the one included) and applied it to my natural nail. I then held the false nail on firmly until it was stuck on.

When all the nails were applied I filed them down very slightly because they have little bumps in the middle of each nail where they are manufactured onto a fishbone/stick/frame thingy.

This is my left hand done!

And my right hand!

I used a Barry M topcoat over the top for extra shine!

I would definitely recommend these nails, they're very pretty and very hard wearing! I had them on for two days before I removed them (they would have lasted longer but I get bored easy!) and they lived through lots of typing, polish making, order packing and general havoc that I put them through! 

Get refreshed and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Ooh wow, from pound land?! That's awesome! How many different colours/designs do they have?

    Although, I don't want everyone buying their awesome false nails from poundland really,

    1. I know! They're fab! They had these ones and another box with peach, lilac and another colour which I'll review soon!

      It's no competition for yours! Yours are amazing! As soon as I'm off my no buy I'll buy some of yours and review them! :)

    2. Aw thank you :) yeah, I'm on a no buy too, otherwise I would have bought quite a few of your polishes by now (and I have a plan for a custom one which I can't wait to get!!) :)

    3. Aw thank you! :D Can't wait to do your custom one! I love doing customs :)

  2. these are really pretty!

    remind me that i need to get you to make me a custom polish with the mickey mouse glitters!


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