Sunday, 15 September 2013

Comic talons

Morning! Are you having a relaxing Sunday? Today I'm going to do some work on the magazine I'm creating! (if you'd like to be involved please email me at I'd love some bloggers and nail polish lovers to be interviewed/show off their work!) I might take some time this afternoon to catch up on Hollyoaks though ;)

Today I have some comic book nails to show you! Because I have seen this design on so many people I have no idea who to credit the original design to but it isn't me! ;) I did this using bright pink false nails, a black nail art pen and a white nail art pen!

All you do is outline the nail in black and add a curved line and a dot in white as highlight! Ta-da! Comic nails! I topcoated these so that the pen didn't scratch off and for extra shine!

And this is how I wore them!

I just used other random comic book designs I had done on blue nails to break up the pink.

Get Nailed, BAM!, KA-POW! ;)

Tara x


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