Monday, 21 October 2013

Chocolatey mani

Morning! Yesterday I spent most of the day creating custom polishes and then watching Criminal Minds, so much fun! I hope you had a fun day too :)

Today I have a weird wave/simple mani to show you that I did to go with a dress I have that's all different shades of gold and brown. To do this I used; N.Y.C 249B, collection 2000 milkshake, gallery gold glitter, Barielle vintage boots and cute deep chocolate.

First I painted the whole nail with two coats of the Barielle polish, then slightly down the nail I painted one generous coat of N.Y.C, then I did the same with milkshake, deep chocolate and gold glitter. 

I used the top edge of the brush to push the polish towards the top of the nail to create the uneven/wave look and the glitter to add sparkle!

Get Nailed in chocolate ;) 

Tara x


  1. Those shades are really lovely, I really like the second from top one x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. That's the NYC one, I love their polishes! It's so sparkly and rich! x


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