Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Flower power!

Hi! Yesterday I went lamp shopping! Seriously! It was so, so boring! I did get some new nice lamps for my nail room though so that the room is lighter and might make my pictures better! I hope your day was more exciting than mine ;)

Today I have some simple nail art to show you, it doesn't look that good in my closeup pictures but they look nice in real life! To do this I used two coats of 'one shade of gray' by Barielle and acrylic paints. 

The Barielle polish is lovely (you can see how much I've used!), it applies well, dries quickly and is opaque and streak free in two coats. I got this is a set from TK MAXX and they always seem to have loads of them in my local ones!

When the polish was dry I used mid and light green acrylic paints to paint leafy stems from the bottom of the of the nail to about half way up. I then used red acrylic paint and left it quite thick so I could swirl and blob flowers on! I used topcoat to seal the design.

Get Nailed flower ;)

Tara x


  1. i love this, very dark and pretty! almost reminds me of the day of the dead :)


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