Thursday, 19 December 2013

Leighton Denny + steampunk = AMAZING!

Hi! I've been so busy the last few days and I'm also looking after two of my sisters so I haven't been blogging much but today i have something fab to show you so I hope it makes up for it :)

The other day I blogged about Leighton Denny's astronaughty which is absolutely beautiful! This is two coats of it with no topcoat! Because I loved it so much I've also used it as a background for some amazing steampunk nail art embellishments that I recently bought from SheSellsSeashells!

Here they are! Aren't they amazing! I've been wanting these for ages, I actually ordered some from somewhere else a while ago but they never arrived so I was so happy when I saw them on SheSellSeashells because everything on there is fab and sarah, who owns it, is really lovely and helpful!

I applied the embellishments to one nail of each hand because I didn't want to make them too overwhelming! I applied them using nail glue and embellie gellie which makes everything so easy to apply but I assume tweezers etc would work just as well!

Here's another close up so you can see how fab these are! there's no topcoat on this mani because it would fill in all the gaps/cover up the texture and natural tarnish of the pieces.

Don't forget to check out SheSellsSeashells here!

Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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