Monday, 20 January 2014

He love me, he loves me not

Morning! I hope you have a fab Monday! 

Today's mani will be quid picture heavy so I'm not really going to write much! I released my Valentine's and Anti-Valentine's Day collections on both and so I thought I'd show you them! 

First is my Anti-valentine's collection!

Who needs love I have wine


Just another Friday night

Love is in the air, hold your breath

Get back in your friendzone

 Cupid is stupid

Bah lovebug

And my Valentine's Day collection!

Chocolate flowers jewellery


Purple passion

Be my Valentine

True love



Forget me not, love me forever

Perfect match

B mine


I love you

And finally here's my manis so far since my last post :)

This is 'Ibiza'

This is 'New york nights'

And finally my current mani! This is 'Smurf's up' I really couldn't capture the hollo properly but there is a video of it on my Facebook page!

Be my Valentine? and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. All of these are gorgeous! Blues are my weakness and smurfs up may need to be mine soon...


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