Thursday, 16 January 2014

Studs 'n talons

Morning! For some reason when I upload my photos to blogger they are going a bit blurry, I have no idea why because when I upload them to anything else they're fine! So please bear with me and I'll try and sort it out soon!

Today I have a grey and neon mani to show you, This polish is one I swatched when I had over 80 polishes to try out so I forget the name of it! But honestly the point of this post isn't the mani! It's the fab neon studs I got from! Sarah who runs SSSS is amazing! She's so nice and has the most amazing nail art stuff! 

I applied these with nail glue but you could also apply over wet topcoat and then topcoat them to keep them secure!

Here's my manis since I last blogged! They're all my own polishes.

The first one is Disneyland.

This is Caribbean sea

And this is my current one called Oslo!

Grab a stud and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Wow a lot of new stuff since I later bought from ssss! Unfortunately I now want to buy like everything in the whole shop lol. Also oslo is so cool... Well they all are bit especially that one. Xx

    1. Everything in her shop is amazing isn't it! Aw thank you :D x


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