Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's makeup!

Hi! Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a valentine's kiss from me :)

Today I have something new to show you! This is a fab makeup collection that I have reviewed for FrontCover Cosmetics! I have reviewed their polish before but this is my first time reviewing their makeup so I'm really excited to show you this! To get your collection visit the FrontCover website here! Also until Sunday the 16th if you use the code LoveFrontCover you'll get 30% off!

This is FrontCover's newest makeup collection 'In the pink' which is bang on trend at the moment with pink being all over the catwalk and of course the colour of choice for Valentine's day!

Inside the collection there's lots of info and tips!

And a little book which translates that info into lots of different languages!

And here is what you get in the collection! A palette of four eyeshadows, three lipsticks, a lovely brush, blusher, a nail polish, eyeliner and mascara!

This is the eyeshadow palette, I love this! It's perfect for nights out and weekends away!

In the palette there's a mirror, four gorgeous eyeshadows and a double ended applicator brush.

This is the blusher and brush, I love that the brush even matches the theme of the collection!

The three lipsticks are gorgeous! A light corrally pink, a mid bright pink and a very bright pink!

The and mascara!

And this is the nail polish which is a gorgeous pink!

First I'll show you the nail polish! This is two coats with topcoat (from another FrontCover collection).

I love FCC nail polishes, they apply easily, dry quickly and give a gorgeous opaque finish!

I think this is the perfect polish for Valentine's Day!

Just one more picture of it - can you tell I love it ;)

Next I tried out the lipsticks!* I must admit, I'm very fussy about lipstick, I hate it when they're dry and drag on your lips but these were lovely! they're very moisturising and glossy!

*I am not a makeup artist or anything so I have just applied makeup as I usually would!

This is the lightest one.

This is the medium pink.

And this one (my favourite) is a beautiful bright pink!

Then I tried out all the eye products! This is the eyeliner and mascara. both applied really well, the eyeliner is really creamy and the mascara makes my lashes super long (more pics showing that later!).

I added in some of the light grey/silver eyeshadow over the eyeliner and along my bottom lash line for this picture. I have to say these eyeshadows are amazing! When I first swatches it on my hand I was amazed, it felt like velvet or something! Then when I actually read the info I got with the collection (as if I'd read info before I put my paws all over the polish ;)) it does say that 'next generation domed baked powder eyeshadow has an improved formulation which takes iridescence, pigment delivery and staying power to a new level. The addition of a macadamia derivative moisturises and improved glide on application, while cashmere powder gives a truly luxurious feel'. I was like 'Ahhhhhh! That's why!' Haha! Next time I'll read first!

For this picture, I pulled the eyeshadow up and over my whole eyelid.

This is just one application of the dark grey/silver eyeshadow over the eyeliner, it's very pigmented so you don't need to use loads!

I used the lilac eyeshadow over the inner corners of my eyelids and swept it out towards the outside corder of my eyes.

I used the dark purple eyeshadow on the outer corners of my eyes and swept it towards the inner corners of my eyes.

I think the dark purple one is my favourite!

This is my finished look! I am also wearing the blusher!

I am wearing both the lilac and dark purple eyeshadows and one coat of the mascara on my eyes!

I love this blusher! It's a gorgeous matte blusher so it gives you a glow with ought the glittery sparkle!

Look how long this mascara makes my lashes! I love it!

My finished makeup look from the side!

And from the front! I have to say I love this lipstick!

Get your collection here! and use the code LoveFrontCover to get 30% off!

Tara x

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