Monday, 31 March 2014

Blogger meet up

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fab weekend! I visited my mum for Mother's Day so I managed to 'borrow' her internet to schedule a couple of posts!

This post is about the Sunday before the one just gone, when I went on a blogger meet up! It is pretty pic heavy!

Before I start, I would like to thank Danni who went to so much effort to organise the event and make it really special! I'd also like to thank everyone who attended (Tracy, Rachel, Steph, Jen and Becca) and were so lovely! and lastly thank you to The Baker Street Kitchen who hosted the first part of our meet up and Lush who hosted the second part!

We all met up in Middlesbrough in this fab cafe! The food and drink was lovely and it's such a nice atmosphere. I'll definitely be back soon!

They were really welcoming and reserved a table for us!

I took along some polishes for everyone!

And Danni brought goody bags! We got a mascara and lipgloss from orliflame, samples from Oqibo and some pop chips!

The aftermath!

After we had chatted and stuff we walked down to Lush where Danni had organised for us to make face masks and bath bombs and chat about the products!

We all donned our rubber gloves to start making (Tracy is a very classy girl so she wore her ring over her gloves ;)).

I don't have any pictures of us making the face masks as I was too busy squashing blueberries! Here are some pictures of us making some gorgeous bath bombs though!

Getting messy! The powder went EVERYWHERE! Mostly up our noses though!

Isn't this so pretty!

We had to use plastic moulds to scoop up the bath bomb and push it together so the two halves 'stuck'.

It was a bit tricky to do it without it all falling apart but we all got there in the end!

This is my finished bath bomb! Complete with little flowers! It had to stay in the mould for 24 hours, so I have a better picture of it later in the post!

We talked with the lush girls about all the fab new Easter products!

And we got a demonstration of this gorgeous 'secret garden' bath bomb!

We also got a goody bag!

This is the goody bag from Danni!

This is the one from Lush! They even tailored the skin care to our skin type!

My bath bomb!

And my face mask!

My first blogger meet up was so much fun! Thank you again to everyone!

Tara x

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