Monday, 17 March 2014

My birthday, Barry M, TarasTalons, Models own and Duri!

Hi everyone! I've got so much to catch you up on! Yesterday was my birthday and I got lots of fab presents including the whole Barry M aquarium collection, a models own velvet polish and more models own on their way to me, so lots of manis coming soon!

Last time I posted I said I had started using Duri, I used it again for this using two of my new Barry M polishes Pacific and treasure (which I will blog about soon) and it started stinging but I assumed it would go away however, it got worse and worse until the burning was so bad I had to remove my mani. I think maybe I need a break from Duri, so I am going back to nail envy for a while before trying the Duri again. Although this affected me this way, and there are lots of blog posts about this issue, lots of people only experience a slight sting or tingle and many, many more experience nothing at all, so I would still recommend Duri for the benefits, the high shine and the quick drying time!

I have also just got my first pot of lemony flutter from Lush, which I am using alongside Bliss Kiss oil which was gifted to my by Julieann, my own cuticle balm, nail oil and hand cream and anything else moisturising I can get my paws on! I'm not used to oils and stuff every day, I used to only use them every other day when I removed my false nails and manicured them before reapplying new false nails, so i have different products everywhere! There's stuff in my living room, office, bag, next to my bed etc! all so I don't forget to moisturise regularly!

Anyway! back to the lemony flutter! I absolutely love it! It has a fab consistency, it really is like butter! It seems quite thick but quickly melts in and it's got a gorgeous lemony (duh!) scent, what's not to like!

I'll be back soon to update you on how my various treatments are working and show you some of my lovely new polishes!

Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

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