Friday, 7 March 2014

Nail update, news and a sneak peek!

Hi everyone! Over the last few days I've released my fan collection part one and my bath and beauty products so I've been really busy! Really excited that I will have reviews for two fab companies up soon though so lots more blogs on the way!

Here's a quick update on my nails! I have still kept them natural and I'm looking forward to trying the Bliss Kiss oil and the Duri! I been manicuring my nails regularly and applying OPI nail envy, they are looking much better than they were! Here's my recent manis!

This is two coats of TarasTalons Ice.

I applied one coat of TarasTalons Daintree over the top and one coat of Leighton Denny's crystal finish.

And here is my current mani! This is two coats of TarasTalons Holo me close and one coat of Leighton Denny's crystal finish!

Also because I'm now wearing polish on my natural nails, I've to master the foil method! I can only do one hand at a time so it does take a while but it's much quicker than scrubbing at my nail!

There's only 25 days until TarasTalons (my nail polish brand) turns one! I'll be celebrating soon so watch this space because I'll be announcing the celebrations on my birthday on the 16th of March! In the meantime I started a discount code on my Etsy shop and website shop yesterday, so if you use the code 27SLEEPS at the checkout of either shop you will get 27% off your order!

Here's some of my new products and polishes available in the shops! There's also pamper hampers, jewellery and lots more polishes and bath & beauty products!

This is 'Blown away' a polish from my fan collection, a beautiful bag, a lime and coconut bath cupcake and 'Holosphere' another polish from my fan collection!

This is a vanilla bath cupcake.

Amazing chocolate and mallow soap!

Sweetie scented bath bomb! This is so huge and heavy!

Mint lipbalm, strawberry body butter, candyfloss and mallow soap and another bath cupcake crept in too!

Treat yourself and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

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