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Review of W7 nail polishes and nail art kits

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great week! In exactly one week it will be my birthday which is doubly exciting because I love birthdays and also because it's the day I will be announcing how I'll be celebrating TarasTalons 1st birthday on the 1st of April!

Today I have some fab polishes and nail art kits to show you by W7! W7 contacted me about a week ago to ask if I would review some of their products! I have used W7 polishes before and loved them so of course I said yes and they sent me lots of goodies!

I got a white glitter kit, a pink glitter kit, a pink, purple and silver caviar bead kit, gold and purple glitters and three polishes in baby blue (which is a UV polish), bright pink and lilac!

So first the white glitter kit! The polish in this is called 'white' and the kit also includes a beautiful fine white glitter and larger iridescent/reflective glitter. I was really impressed with all of the polishes from W7 but I think the white is most impressive as I only had to use two coats to get a streak free opaque finish which isn't that common with white polishes! The glitters are obviously quite messy as all glitters are, however the easiest way I find to apply the loose glitters is to fold a sheet of paper in half, then open it out flat and work over the top of it. Then you can refold the paper along the crease when you have finished and tip the glitter back into the pot!

This picture show the white polish, two coats with one coat of the W7 clear polish that came with the caviar kit.

This is how I used the glitters for this mani. I applied a layer of the clear polish and then slowly tipped the glitter over the nails while still wet and then shook off the excess. You could also dip your nail into the glitter for less mess, although it is more difficult to do that the longer your nails are! If you're applying two or more different glitters as I did, it's easiest to just paint some of your nails, apply the first glitter and then paint the nails for the second glitter and so on.

This is the finished mani with no topcoat because I like the texture the glitter creates but you could use 1-2 coats of clear polish to smooth it over and give you a longer lasting finish!

I also used this white polish as a base for the caviar mani. Again caviar is messy but if you apply it over the lid included in the kit you can then tip it back into the bottle also using the funnel provided, as shown below.

Again I applied the caviar beads over a layer of wet clear polish and didn't apply topcoat over the beads as it takes away the bobbly texture which I love! This is my finished mani which I did using two coats of white, one coat of clear and then applying one lot of caviar beads. You could dot on ore clear coat and add the beads if you'd like to fill in any gaps but I prefer to paint my nails a base colour that goes with the beads and allow the base to show through! 

Next is the pink glitter kit which contained a bright pink polish, a fine pink glitter and a larger pink glitter mix! This contains a beautiful pink polish called fuchsia which is amazing! it's my current pedi! This is the mani pre glitter, how bright is that!

I applied the glitter the same way as with the white glitter kit which reduced mess and waste (who would want to waste beautiful glitter!). Again I haven't used any topcoat because I wanted to keep the glitter texture! It was really hard to photograph this as  the fine glitter is super sparkly! 

Next up is dance which is a beautiful baby blue polish! This polish is from their UV collection so it glows under UV lights, I can't show you that as I don't have UV lights but it's absolutely beautiful naturally so I hope you'll forgive that :D This is two coats of dance with one coat of clear polish from the caviar kit.

Next is raspberry sorbet which is a beautiful pink polish from W7's sorbet collection. I really love this polish! this is two coats with one coat of clear W7 clear polish.

I used this polish as a base to do a French manicure using the gold glitter which I applied the same as the others glitters I've used. I've blurred this photo so you can see how sparkly it is!

And here's an unblurred photo!

Lastly this is sheer mauve, a gorgeous lilac, perfect for Spring!

I used the purple glitter to create an accent nail. I applied this using the same method as the other glitters. I have blurred this photo so you can see the sparkle!

And an unblurred photo!

All of the polishes were consistently easy to apply and dried quickly, just like the other W7 polishes I own. To get yours check out NailPolishDirect where you can get your 15ml W7 polishes for just £1.99 each! Including fab glitters and textured polishes! You can also keep up to date with news about W7 products on their Facebook page.

Look out for more posts using these polishes, I have lots of Spring manis planned!

Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

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