Sunday, 27 April 2014

models own neon pink

Hi! I hope you're having a fab weekend! 

Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you! This is models own's neon pink and it's a stunner! The formula is slightly gloomy but it's not too tricky to work with and a little thinner would make it perfect! Because of the slightly thick formula, it does take slightly longer to dry than, say, a Barry M polish, but again it's nothing that would put me off this amazing polish!

Here is two coats and topcoat with flash! Isn't that just perfect!

Get Nailed in neon ;) 

Tara x


  1. ooooh I am gonna have to get me one of these polishes! its gorgeous I love Neons and bright shades especially for summer time great post :) xxx

    1. Definitely need this one! Fab for a pedi colour too now that sandals are coming out! xx


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